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A history of innovations

Alliance with Promat
New Hydro Dynamic Experience Centre
Integration of Studor

Alliance with Promat to promote the use of plastic pipes combined with fire collars to ensure fire safety via fire compartmentation.
Promat’s expertise in passive fire safety complements the Aliaxis offering in high-rise buildings.

New Hydro Dynamic Experience Centre (HDEC) for high-rise drainage solutions showcasing Aliaxis’ expertise in hydraulics.
The HDEC is an excellent tool for new product development as well as informing/training customers about single-stack technologies.

Studor new logo

Integration of Studor (Est. 1975) into Aliaxis Group.
Studor developed the Studor® System which consists of AAVs (Air Admittance Valves) and P.A.P.A. (Positive Air Pressure Attenuator) to vent DWV systems in high-rise buildings, which is a unique single-stack technology. P.A.P.A. provides effective and complete protection against positive pressures in the drainage system, with no specialist installation requirements. It replaces existing vent piping, which means greater freedom of design. The system can be retrofitted to all types of high-rise drainage designs and also reduces the need for fire-stopping devices.

Ashirvad PVC single-stack aerator
Nicoll Chutunic® with stack-aerators installed on a high-rise hotel in Paris

Introduction of Ashirvad PVC single-stack aerator (110 mm) in India.

The Stack-aerator system offers high capacities with reduced diameters, while saving valuable installation space using less material and installation time. A single-stack system also means less core drilling and reduces the need for fire protection solutions. Ashirvad produces a PVC version of the single-stack technology.

Application of Nicoll Chutunic® (spiral pipe) in PVC with stack aerator for a high-rise hotel project in Paris.

Ashirvad Low Noise SWR solutions

Introduction of Ashirvad Low Noise SWR solutions for high-rise buildings in India.

The Ashirvad low noise SWR solution is a thick-walled, high-density low noise SWR drainage system featured with sound-reducing three-layer technology making it the perfect alternative to cast iron. It provides excellent noise insulation values, is easy to install, has longer service life, is resistant to chemicals and corrosion, is non-toxic and non-conductor, non-flammable and environmentally friendly, has a precision sealing system, is resistant to high temperatures, and is backed by strong technical support for design and installation.

Test facility for drain, waste and vent systems

Establishment of a test facility for drain, waste and vent systems. This test facility enables Aliaxis to continuously increase its expertise level and accelerate the development of new products. This facility has been replaced since 2017 by the Hydro Dynamic Experience Center (HDEC) also located in the Netherlands.

Paling PVC Ecotech® Pipes

Introduction of Paling PVC Ecotech® Pipes for soil, waste and vent applications in high-rise buildings in Malaysia.

Paling PVC Ecotech® eco-friendly pipes are made with a premium formulation with a high-quality finish, and provide low coefficient of friction, excellent resistance to chemicals found in domestic effluent, high resistance to elevated temperatures, are algae resistant and provide high drainage performance.

dBlue® acoustic DWV systems

Introduction of dBlue® acoustic DWV system for Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. System used in the Anwa tower, a 50-storey residential building in Dubai.

The  dBlue® system is made from a state-of-the-art combination of plastic and sound-absorbing mineral filler (PP-MD) to maximise absorbance of sound. The material formula was developed by the Aliaxis R&D laboratory and offers a unique combination of acoustic performance, weight, resistance and mechanical strength. The triple-layer pipe structure is produced using the latest co-extrusion technology. Each layer has its own function optimised to reduce sound levels, increase mechanical characteristics and improve the drainage flow. Used in conjunction with the dBlue® acoustic brackets, the system effectively uncouples the vibrations and greatly reduces noise and acoustic vibrations down to a level of 18 db.

AquaRise® Hot & Cold Water Systems

Introduction of AquaRise® Hot & Cold Water System in Canada.

The AquaRise® CPVC Hot & Cold system is a strong, highly-engineered and affordable improvement over copper. Its simple solvent cement system makes AquaRise fast and easy to assemble. AquaRise® sweats less than metal pipe due to its excellent insulating properties, reducing the need for insulation, lowering overall job costs. It also comes with technical support and job site trouble-shooting – all from one reliable supplier.

Nicholl Chutunic® helical profile for better flow management

Development of Nicholl Chutunic® helical profile for better flow management.

Single-stack DWV, soil pipe systems: development of Nicoll’s Chutunic universal branch containing internal helical profile for better flow management. The helical profile slow down water flow, therefore reducing impact noise.

2005 Akatherm HDPE Single-Stack system in Q1 tower

Akatherm HDPE Single-Stack systems used in Q1 Towers, Brisbane, the tallest building in the world at the time of completion.

Q1 is a supertall skyscraper in Surfers Paradise, on the Gold Coast, Queensland. With its 322m and 78 floors, it has been the world’s tallest residential building until 29 April 2011.

Ashirvad Flowguard® CPVC systems
SNOW Double Lock® Systems
IPEX system XFR® PVC DWV thermoplastic piping systems

Introduction of Ashirvad Flowguard® CPVC systems in India. System used in Eiffel group: F Residences, a 23-storey residential building in Pune, India.

Ashirvad Flowguard® CPVC pipes and fittings, made from Lubrizol compound, have excellent chemical resistance and can withstand salty and aggressive water conditions with variations in PH value of water flowing through it. This eliminates both electrolytic and galvanic corrosion, leading to water purity over the entire lifespan of the CPVC piping system. They are ideal for hot and cold water applications as they can withstand maximum 28.1 bar pressure at 23°C and maximum 8.79 bar pressure at 82°C, they are UV-stabilised and designed for over 50 years of life. Ashirvad was the first to come up with the alignment system.

Introduction of SNOW Double Lock® Systems for high-rise buildings in Singapore.

SNOW Double Lock® PVC system for S&W has a leak-proof design and easy installation to ensure lower installation and maintenance costs. Its superior design prevents leakage at the joint due to installation error (including if the pipe is not fully inserted into the socket root, the pipe is unevenly cut, there is insufficient solvent cement or the workmanship is shoddy).

Introduction of IPEX system XFR® PVC DWV thermoplastic piping systems developed for high-rise.

System XFR’s® unique advanced PVC compound makes it suitable for use in high-rise buildings, as it has a Flame Spread Rating of 25 and Smoke Developed Classification of 50. It also has high impact resistance, improved flow, lower thermal conductivity and comparable noise attenuation versus conventional metal systems.

Durman Flowguard Gold® systems
Wefatherm PPR

Introduction of Durman Flowguard Gold® systems in the Americas. System used in the 17-storey Westin Hotel, Panama City, Panama.

The Durman Flowguard Gold® system is fabricated with a high impact CPVC compound that guarantees excellent performance in hot and cold water distribution systems. It is installed with a cemented union system and meets the requirements for high-impact tests and follows ASTM D 2486 norms. The pipe does not corrode or rust, does not get covered by sediment accumulation and has excellent thermal insulation.

Integration of Wefatherm PPR (Est .1996) applied in high-rise buildings in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The Wefatherm PPR hot and cold system has a combination of properties such as resistance to internal pressure, flexibility and impact which makes it a material of choice for safe and reliable long-lasting installations. It has no contact corrosion when exposed to iron particles, is taste and odour neutral, is bacteriologically neutral, has good chemical resistance, low tendency to incrustations, and enables fast and easy installation.

Akasison® siphonic roof drainage in HDPE

Introduction of Akasison® siphonic roof drainage in HDPE. System used in Max 32, Zlin: a high rise building in the Czech Republic.

By reducing the number and size of downpipes, the Akasison® siphonic roof drainage system enables maximum space saving and full freedom of design. Fewer roof outlets and fewer down pipes leads to less ground work and contributes to lower cost of building. Akasison® offers complete security during heavy rainfalls with a low water level on the roof. It has a smart modular design with fewer components and a complete range with three outlet versions.

Friaphon® Pipe Systems

Introduction of Friaphon© Pipe Systems. One of the first acoustic DWV systems suitable for multi-storey buildings in Europea.

Friaphon® is constructed with dual layer technology and offers outstanding sound insulation properties compared with traditional cast iron or lagged single wall plastic drainage systems with recorded sound levels as low as 15dB(A). Also, lower material costs coupled with speed of installation (push-fit) and no need for lagging means Friaphon® offers significant cost savings over cast iron and single wall plastic drainage systems.

Akatherm HDPE single-stack aerator concept

Introduction of Akatherm HDPE single-stack aerator concept for high-rise buildings.

The stack aerator system offers high capacities with reduced diameters, while saving valuable installation space using less material and minimising installation time. A single-stack system also means less core drilling and reduces the need for fire protection solutions. Akatherm introduces a HDPE version of single-stack technology.

1984 & 1988
Introduction of Blazemaster® CPVC fire sprinklers system in Latin America and in Canada

Introduction of Blazemaster® CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems in Latin-America and in Canada.

System used in Modera Midtown, a 29-storey luxury residential building in Atlanta, US. Blazemaster® pipe and fittings are ideal for wet automatic fire sprinkler systems with an outstanding combination of features including: easy assembly, lightweight construction, low friction loss, more than 50 years of useful life and immunity to Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC).