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Global player, local presence

Aliaxis High-Rise Building Solutions is part of Aliaxis, a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced plastic piping systems. Comprised of more than 100 manufacturing and commercial businesses based in over 45 countries, we have a global workforce of 16,000 passionate individuals. With over 50 years of experience, extensive global resources and strong local brands, we offer a full portfolio of innovative systems for soil and waste, rainwater, water supply, energy and fire safety.

Partnering with Aliaxis offers many important benefits: solutions that are manufactured close to your site, and local representatives who understand your market and needs, supported by the strength of our global expertise and renown in the high-rise building industry. Our competence centres worldwide allow us to develop and test new approaches and set new standards in terms of noise reduction, system reliability and performance.

As experts in plastics, we have a track record of introducing new, non-conventional concepts to meet the specific challenges of high-rise buildings. We are committed to providing architects, MEP consultants, contractors and installers with innovative solutions to make high-rise living feasible, comfortable, green, safe and affordable.

We help you envision new approaches to high-rise living

We are committed to making new concepts of living feasible: building vertical cities with open, connected structures, providing irrigation for green patios and terraces; connecting more units to a single sanitary system while reducing the required space and risks; and recycling water and energy to create a more environmentally-friendly environment. We design systems to support your creativity.

Supporting you in modelling and testing innovative solutions

We have R&D and engineering services and test facilities to benchmark new approaches and help you define new standards. We like to say: “Seeing is believing”; in our test tower, we have a permanent stack set up for demonstrations and to test your specific configurations. We design and test systems to meet the high levels of reliability and performance you need.

Build efficiently and cost-effectively

Convenience of use and speed of implementation are also our drivers in developing new solutions. We want to help you get it done quickly and achieve more. We provide engineering solutions and installation materials for our products, supported by an international customer service centre.

Enhance high-rise living conditions

We are here to help you in creating optimal living conditions: increasing comfort, ensuring safety in terms of fire and health and creating a green environment while reducing costs.  Our value-engineered solutions for high-rise buildings offer the best value over the long term, reducing total cost of ownership and enabling low maintenance costs, savings through the recyclability of plastics, and increased quality of life for residents.