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Acoustic drainage solutions

Aliaxis multi-layer plastic pipes solutions are designed for use where improved levels of sound attenuation are required. Used in conjunction with acoustic pipe clips, our systems are designed to reduce noise and acoustic vibrations to a level that ensures comfort for building residents and meets and exceeds existing acoustic standards. Our solutions are suitable for use in residential and commercial high-rises where reduced noise levels are preferred. In taller and more complex and open buildings, acoustic systems become increasingly necessary where high loads and multiple dwellings lead to higher noise pollution.

In piping systems, acoustic waves cause acoustic resonance of pipes and fittings. The greater the height inside the building, the more dynamically the resonance increases towards the flowing wastewater, and is transmitted through the fixing system onto the building’s structure. The transmission of acoustic resonance to neighbouring rooms in the form of sound waves is caused by construction barriers. Aliaxis’ systems significantly reduce this acoustic phenomenon, thanks to their design, pipes structure and fixing clips. These systems are also resistant to hot wastewater flow and can be installed at extremely low temperatures in winter.

Aliaxis’ acoustic solutions are based on a special material formula combining plastic and minerals (mineral fillers), which enhance acoustic and mechanical characteristics. Our triple soundproof layer systems puts different material media in the way of the propagating noise, which causes partial absorption of sound waves and their partial reflection inwards, significantly reducing transmission to their surroundings.

Our in-depth understanding of acoustic behaviour and challenges has allowed us to develop innovative solutions for high-rise buildings, suitable for complex designs and when many units are connected to a single system.